See how Wildfire Suppression knocks down major forest fires fast!

Four reasons why this technology will change the way fire authorities and governments
approach fire suppression:

Reason 1

The intensity and number of forest, wild and bushfires is increasing. Global warming is contributing to increasing vegetation, vegetation temperatures and dryness creating favourable fire conditions.

Reason 2

Traditional firefighting equipment and methods, including aerial firefighting, are increasingly challenged against the higher intensity and more frequent wildfires that are now being faced by fire fighters in wildfire prone regions around the globe.

Reason 3

Air tanker fleets have typically been restricted to 3000 gallon or less carrying capacities. This has presented problems for fire authorities due to the larger amounts of water now required to suppress higher intensity fires. The use of larger aircraft with greater water carrying capacities presents both logistic and economic problems.

Reason 4

New technical solutions aimed at suppressing wildfires aerially must be found if the relationship between high intensity fires and the size of aircraft and suppressant holding capacities is to be broken. Without a new approach to more effectively and economically deploying suppressant to wildfires, firefighting resources will continue to be stretched.


Fire Suppression Munition Technology

Wildfire Suppression Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that has developed a new, innovative, break-through technology for the effective and economical aerial suppression of all wildfires, forest fires and bushfires.

Traditional aerial fire suppression efforts are increasingly challenged in regions of large-scale wildfire activity such as in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. This is because fires are more intense due to favorable fire conditions created by global warming and aging vegetation. To stop these fires, firefighting authorities require increasing amounts of water, which has to be carried and deployed from larger and larger aircraft creating an unsustainable economic situation.

Wildfire’s FSM technology addresses this global problem by providing government authorities and firefighting agencies with new and effective technology to stop fires instantly, using less water and removing the dependency on ever increasing aircraft size.

Known as Fire Suppression Munition or FSM, Wildfire Suppression’s new firefighting technology is designed to be aerially deployed utilising current platforms such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to dramatically increase the effectiveness of ‘first attack’ and bring fires under control by delivering a mist of fine water droplets to the base of a wildfire, absorbing heat from the fire, depleting oxygen and stopping it instantly.